Shawn Mendes Has Sexy Armpits

Shawn Mendes has sexy armpits

from every angle.

To that light hair strip

a Mendussy with curves

forms the perfect pit.

I do not have maschalagnia. Honestly, I never thought an armpit could be sexy until I beheld this photo.

Shawn Mendes VMAs 2018 performance

It looks like Shawn in his natural environment…but upon closer inspection there is this:

Armpit Epitamy
The armpit that started it all.

Ugh, all of those muscles and me with this face that I just want to rub all over Shawn’s…armpits.  The picture isn’t arousing.  He just looks so powerful and touchable.  I couldn’t tear my eyes away or scroll down the page until I studied it for an ample ten seconds. I’m still thinking about it. Which raises the question, what makes Shawn Mendes’ armpits so noticeably sexy? There are plenty of attractive men whose armpits do not deserve a second thought. For example, Dylan Minnette, Cameron Dallas, Marc Marquez, Nolan Gould, and Nick Robinson all look like Shawn Mendes.

Presenting…Peep the Pit

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And none of them have sexy armpits. Their hairy reeking feature is a Shawn Mendes glory hole. What would you give to sniff this?

Blessed are thee who inhale the Mendussy

It’s an armpit! A pit under the arm of a human where sweat collects and creates an odor. Conventionally, there is nothing sexy about an armpit, so let’s examine Shawn Mendes.

Shawn fits the American beauty standards for men and his armpits follow our social expectations.

The beauty standard for the American male body is white, lean, and muscular (preferably the v-shape). This information has been represented in multiple articles, studies, and magazine covers. Unfortunately the norm does not specify armpits or even body hair. Men are allowed and seemingly preferred to have hair. If we’re going by the lumbersexual definition, any amount below bushy is fine. According to Men’s Health, most men shave or at least trim their armpits and hair in that area no longer explicitly shows a degree of manliness. Cleanly is the new manly.

Just the tongue

Now that the hair is out of the way, we are left with the pit.

The armpit, or axilla, is not made of a particular muscle. It is a hollow pit beneath the shoulder joint formed by converging muscles and the chest wall. Personally, I think the armpits with gentle muscle definition and a light amount of hair are the most attractive. Shawn Mendes has great muscles, so it only makes sense that he has great looking armpits too.

Deep flex

I imagine they will smell nice and feel soft when I touch them.  Upon some research I noticed the attraction a lot of other people have is more than visual and it defies our social expectation for armpits.  On this Reddit thread most people post about hairy armpits.  Some even show sweaty pits and discuss licking and sniffing them.  In another post our curiosity will venture further from Shawn Mendes and closer to armpit experiences.

The Mendussy experience for me is all about touching the armpit probably with my hand or shoulder in a hug.  I don’t need the Mendes pheromones, but I’ll take them directly from the apocrine glands among other secretions if they’re available.  Shawn Mendes’ armpits are so noticeably sexy because Shawn Mendes the man is noticeably sexy.  It’s in his blood.

What’s your ideal Mendussy experience?


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